The Blues martyred by the Spaniards… Follow the Eurobasket final live

18th : We suck and they are in the form of their lives, congratulations to them for the Euro, it’s deserved. There is still a half to play but it is hopeless.

17th : Even free throws on one of the evil. 1/2, while the Spaniards continue to grab everything in their path.

16th : Okobo at three points, more than -16… It will take a crazy scenario to do anything in this final.


15th : Hernangomez at 4/5 at three points at the moment, the pig…

14th : 35-20! Then maybe? Two throws from Gobert, a three-point shot, we come back to … -15. Spain must tremble (no).

13th: +16 It’s humiliating what’s going on here…


11th : Rohlala but comment on giving them balls… And the punishment falls behind. -12 points, we are not there at all, at all.

11th: Start of the 2nd quarter

10th: But it’s not possible the shepherd’s answer to the shepherdess, the Spaniards pass a three-point shot in stride. And it’s 23-14 at the end of the first quarter. Don’t let the train pass, guys.

10th: Thomas give me your shooooort! 3 points for the Blues, finally!

9th : Fournier 100% in throwing for the moment, that’s already taken. 11-20.

9th : Insolent of success the Spaniards + we are behind defensively. It does not forgive. It’s not the same story on the roja side. 9-20…

8th: Two throws for Fournier who does not tremble. 18-9, still 9 points behind for the French.

8th : It’s a little better but we don’t feel it in the score, 18-7 for the Spaniards. Defensively the Blues are still too lax

7th: BRUUUUUUH THE YABUSELE DUNK! Big interception from Heurtel at the start of the action.

6th: -9, Vincent Collet asks for a time out, we are next to our pumps.

6th : Oh the three-point shot that hurts a lot… +7 for the Spaniards, we’re full.

6th: Fournier failed at three points but Tarpey grabbed the rebound and the two points that go with it. 9-5 for the Spaniards.

5th : 9-3 Empire for Spain.

5th : We miss absolutely early and we cause too many mistakes, the first for Gobert. It would be a question of being less attentive.

4th : Very serene start for the Spaniards, -4… Fournier reacts quickly with two points in the bag. 5-3.

4th : Another French foul while Heurtel is already off the bench. Do the job, big guy.

3rd : Nooooo Yabusele had to put it on that one… Fortunately La Roja made an offensive fault in stride.

2nd : Brown sticks his three baskets, 3-1 for the Spaniards. It’s clean, and it sucks.

2nd : Failed attempt by Brown but French foul. Fournier had tried his luck just before without success. Do not harvest…

1st: The first throw passes… The second does not. Arf. 1-0 for France

1st : First Spanish foul on Gobert, it starts well.

1st: IT’S GOIIIIII Come on guys, we’re giving it our all. Evan, it’s now or never to release a masterclass.

8:25 p.m .: Collet, on M6: “We will have to be better than them”. Yes, this is the BG project.

8:20 p.m. : Make way for hymns!

8:15 p.m .: A little reading before kick-off

8:15 p.m. : They are there !

8:05 p.m .: There is a little less than half an hour left before kick-off, we are hot! And I hope you do too. At worst, we take care of raising the temperature by 8:30 p.m.

9:30 a.m.: The challenges

The path has been chaotic, but the French basketball team is where it promised to be two weeks ago: in the final of this Eurobasket 2022. Miraculous against Turkey in 8th and Italy in quarter, she regained her iron defense and her offensive drive on Friday to beat the Poles in the semis. But everything is reset today, with this final to be played against the eternal rivals Spanish. It is no longer the same generations on each side, but this confrontation remains a match apart, a must when talking about basketball. For the Blues, it would be even more beautiful to get the second Euro in their history against these pesky neighbors…

>> Let’s meet here a little after 8:00 p.m. to warm up properly before the start of this grand finale…

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