The best winter accessories to style your dog in 2022

It’s not because your little dog has hair that he easily supports the frosts of winter. Some dogs are particularly chilly and can get sick quickly when temperatures start to drop. That’s why there are winter clothes for dogs!

Small non-slip socks, fleece jackets, T-shirts correctly adjusted to the morphology of dogs… There are many models of winter clothing and accessories for dogs. You will be spoiled for choice to help your little companion get through the winter season in the greatest comfort. Favor winter coats for dogs that are easy to put on, which help the shape of the body. also find out that they are easy to wash. As for the socks, if they are non-slip, it is a real advantage that helps your pet to move on the floors. Winter is coming and your dog starts shivering as soon as you take him out? The poor dog cold, quite simply. Relieve him as much as possible by offering him small winter clothes adapted to his size. We have selected the warmest and most comfortable clothes to guide you in your choice. Quickly discover our buying guide!


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The Ireenuo dog coat, with reflective strips

This waterproof dog coat has a fleece lining, very soft and comfortable against the skin. It incorporates a Velcro closure system, which allows it to be quickly adjusted to the dog’s size, both in the neck and abdomen. It is a light jacket, which does not generalize the animal in its movements. As it incorporates reflective strips on the back and on the sides, it makes the dog clearly visible in car headlights. This dog rain gear is available in multiple sizes and multiple colors.

Harfkoko non-slip dog socks, with rubber pads

No matter what breed your dog is, these non-slip socks fit easily around their paws. They have small, durable silicone gel dots, which allow your pet to move easily, without slipping on the floor. By the way, these socks will also protect your floor and sofa from scratches. Very comfortable and warm, these socks incorporate very soft padding under the pads. These are very elegant dog accessories, which will give your pooch a lot of style during the winter season.

The Kerbl dog sweater, fully stretchable

This XS size acrylic sweater fits easily around your small dog’s body. Enveloping the entire abdomen, flanks and neck, it incorporates two holes tightened by elastic bands to let the front legs pass. This little fine knit sweater has straps for the hind legs, which allow it to fit well on the dog’s body. It is very gentle against the skin and suitable for animals with sensitive skin. You can machine wash it at 30°, before letting it air dry.

The Idepet dog winter coat, with a zipper

Made of polyester and nylon, this winter coat incorporates a zipper, which makes it very easy to put on and take off. Totally waterproof, it comes in several sizes and several colors. Tightened at the level of the neck and the abdomen to prevent the cold air from entering, it has two holes at the level of the front legs. This cold dog coat is also adorned with a reflective strip at the shoulders. It is well padded to keep your pet warm.

Do dogs smell the cold?

Like humans, dogs feel variations in heat, both cold and hot. Moreover, their body generally tolerates cool temperatures more easily than temperatures that are too hot. However, several criteria can influence your dog’s resistance to cold. Some breeds are indeed more sensitive than others to the cold: this is the case of short-haired breeds, such as the greyhound or the Chihuahua. In addition, puppies and senior dogs are less able to fight the cold than healthy adult dogs.

In addition, a dog that is overweight will tolerate the cold more easily than a thin animal. The fat reserves in which it is coated guarantee it cool temperatures.

If your animal has thick fur, with a dense undercoat, it will feel the cold less than species with short hair. For example, Nordic breeds like the husky and the malamute are not very sensitive to the cold.

How do I know if my dog ​​is chilly?

It’s quite easy to tell if a dog is chilly. Doggies who are often cold change their behavior when winter returns. They are less enthusiastic about going out for a walk and remain glued to their master. They also tend to shake very often, especially outdoors.

A cold dog also seeks to stay near radiators or fireplaces. It is only when it is well installed near a heat source that you finally see it diffuse. He also likes to hide under the throws and cushions of the sofa, in order to warm up as much as he can.

When the dog is cold, he fusses, trying to get warm. When the ground is cold, it tries to have as little contact with it as possible, raising its legs one by one.

To find out if your dog is cold, you can also simply take its temperature. If it is less than 38°, he is certainly suffering from hypothermia.

Should you dress your dog in winter?

It depends on your dog. Certain breeds, such as the malamute, tolerate winter frosts particularly well. On the other hand, other dogs, like the Chihuahua, have a much harder time adapting to the cold. This is why it is important to protect them with very warm and comfortable winter clothes to prevent them from getting sick.

The coat is especially useful during major temperature changes. If winter suddenly arrives in your area, your pooch could catch a cold.

You should know that if your dog spends the whole year in the house with you, he does not have the same resistance to cold as an animal that is used to living outside.

Finally, do not forget that the pads of doggies are particularly sensitive. When it snows in winter, they are in direct contact with the frost and this can make the dog suffer. Do not hesitate to invest in small resistant socks!

Why put a coat on your dog?

The dog coat can have several uses. Of course, its main purpose is to protect the animal from cool temperatures. Some dogs are very sensitive to the cold, such as short-haired breeds and senior doggies. When they are cold, they begin to shiver and no longer take advantage of walks outside. With a coat, they stay warm during winter outings and rediscover the pleasure of walking with their master.

In addition, the dog coat can protect the pet from insect bites. If he is allergic to it, it is a particularly practical solution to avoid attacks by mosquitoes or ticks. Opt for a coat that is close to the body, which prevents insects from sneaking up against the skin.

Finally, a dog coat can protect a still fragile scar. When you go for a walk with your doggie, his little coat will prevent branches from scratching his healing wound (after sterilization for example).

How can I give my dog ​​style even in winter?

Just because you put your dog in a coat or socks doesn’t mean he’s going to look ridiculous. Manufacturers of winter clothes for dogs now offer very stylish and designer jackets and accessories. You will find them in all shapes and colors.

For your dog to have style, remember to match his various clothes. It is also necessary to harmonize the color of the jacket with the dress of the doggie. For example, a gray jacket will go very well with a blue merle dog. As for animals with fawn coats, they cause a sensation with blue-colored habits. For your dog to feel comfortable in his clothes, be sure to choose the right size.

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