The beluga identified in the Seine located near a lock

The cetacean is “around Vernon”, about 70 km northwest of the capital, said the prefecture.

The beluga spotted Tuesday in the Seine was located Thursday, August 4 near a lock, about 70 km from Paris, where the authorities will try to keep it to make observations, announced the prefecture of Eure.

The beluga, a protected species of cetacean normally living in cold waters, has been locatedmore than thirty kilometers from its location yesterday (Wednesday, editor’s note), near a lock“, said the prefecture in a press release. The sea animal is foundaround Vernon“, about 70 km northwest of the capital, said the prefecture.

Call for caution

In order to make the necessary observations and in cooperation with Voies navigables de France, a maintenance maneuver in the lock basin will be carried out in the afternoon.Thursday, continued the prefecture. The authorities are calling for caution and asking “the entire population not to attempt to approach or come into contact with the animal to facilitate the work of all State services, mobilized for the preservation of wildlife“. In adulthood, a beluga measures about 4 meters.

At the beginning of June, an orca had been produced in the Seine, between Rouen and Le Havre. The animal was finally found dead and an autopsy favored death by starvation.

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