The bear found dead in Melles in Haute-Garonne was killed by another animal

One of ours was found dead this Saturday, June 18 in a canyon located in the town of Melles in Haute-Garonne. An investigation was opened by the prosecution for “destruction of protected species”. The autopsy performed on Tuesday, June 21 on the animal, “excludes any human intervention”, the bear was killed by another animal.

Saturday June 18, Spaniards who started the canyoning in the town of Melles gave the alert when they discovered the animal. An investigation has been opened by the Saint-Gaudens prosecution of the head of “unauthorized destruction of protected species”.

The national gendarmerie mountain unit came to certify the death in the presence of the French Office for Biodiversity of Haute-Garonne. The bear was then transported by helicopter to the Toulouse veterinary school.

The autopsy performed on the animal this Tuesday, June 21, clearly excludes, according to the public prosecutor of Saint-Gaudens, Christophe Amunzateguy, ” any human intervention. This one-and-a-half-year-old bear is definitely dead “following a confrontation with another ours or another animal”.

During this autopsy, the veterinarians revealed the presence of bite marks on his neck as well as traces of scratches. The animal had several broken ribs, one of which certainly caused the perforation of the heart.

In order to restore the bear population, May 19, 1996 took place in the central Pyrenees on first release of a Slovenian bear “Ziva”. When “Ziva” landed from her native forest in Melles, there were only 5 left ours in the Pyrenees mountains

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