The astonishing declaration of Alexis Sanchez on his future!

Alexis Sanchez reacted this Wednesday to the interest of Olympique de Marseille. The Inter Milan player told Italian media that he hasn’t made a decision.

Several Italian journalists gathered in front of a restaurant on Wednesday evening where Alexis Sanchez and his agent Fernando Felicevich had taken their place. When the two men left, the 33-year-old striker was asked about his future or his name is associated with the insistence on the side of Olympique de Marseille. The Chilean answered the questions briefly without giving any information on the file.

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” I have not decide yet. Today I am calm. I want to play and win. Hey my friend, a lion is like that, I’m always waiting for something more. I am always very happy here. it’s still too early to say goodbye to Inter fans. » Alexis Sanchez – Source: RMC Sport (08/03/2022)

A meeting planned with the management of Inter?

According to several Italian media, a meeting has already taken place between the technical director of Inter, Piero Ausilio and representatives of Alexis Sanchez, his agent Felicevich and lawyer Rocco Dozzini. The purpose of this meeting would have been the termination of the Chilean’s contract, a mandatory condition for a possible arrival in Marseille. If no agreement has been reached, the positions of the two camps would have come closer according to the Italian journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio. Several meetings would already be held to find a favorable outcome to the file.

“He is a competition animal who wants to continue at the highest level, compete for titles, keep winning and show that he is still valid. There are some very good years ahead of us in Alexis’ career. Fernando Felicevitch – Source: La Tercera (08/02/2022)

Alexis Sanchez, it will not be enough on the side of Olympique de Marseille – Djellit

According to journalist Nabil Djellit, the arrival of Alexis Sanchez will not fix all the problems raised against the Marseillais, even on the ground.

“Alexis Sanchez, he’s a big player, there’s no problem, but the providential man, that’s not enough for Olympique de Marseille. On the too long part. There is currently fire with the trainer with in particular an XXL mistrust on the part of his executives. You talked about friendly matches, it was a disaster. Their victory is against Marignane Gignac, remember. On Sunday, they were outclassed by AC Milan, the entire defense was renewed… We saw him in great difficulty. Alexis Sanchez, he does not play side, he does not play central defender… He will not be able to solve everything! Him, it must be the icing on the cake but the cake is on the icing because no one is going to eat it. » Nabil Djellit – Source: The Team Channel (01/08/2022)

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