the animal was found dead on a beach

In the middle of the week, we told you about the presence of a blue shark off the coast of Hyères, in the south of France. The animal, although harmless to humans except in the event of aggression, had caused the closure of several beaches.

The behavior of the shark, which did not move away from the shore, worried the specialists and they feared an attack as long as the animal seemed confused. Rightly so since, according to Nice-Matin, the animal was found dead this Saturday morning.

The nearly two-meter beast was lying on the shore. Analyzes will be carried out to try to determine the circumstances of the death. Too much stress could be the cause.

“He probably died in the night, he was found on the rocks, it was quite predictable. He was a little quieter last night (Friday) but he was still rubbing against the rocks and going around in circles. If we did not move it… it was a matter of hours, ”explained Nicolas Ziani, the head of the Marseille Shark Study Group, to France 3.


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