The animal spotted in the Seine on Tuesday would be a beluga

The animal seen in the river on Tuesday August 2, 2022 would be a beluga, a small white whale that normally lives in arctic waters. It would be the second cetacean to venture into the Seine in a few weeks.

The animal was first reported by a boater, near the Poses dam, in Eure, Tuesday August 2, 2022. It was also observed for the last time in the town of Amfreville-sous-les- Monts this Wednesday August 3, 2022, according to

A protected species

According to the prefecture of Eure, which had not given elements allowing to identify it Tuesday, it would be a beluga, a protected species of cetacean “usually living in arctic, subarctic waters and in the St. Lawrence estuary in Quebec”. According to the State services, which worked with specialists from the French Office for Biodiversity, “It happens to isolated individuals to wander in more southern waters. It can temporarily survive in fresh water.” The prefecture nevertheless asks the public not to approach him, until his state of health is determined.

Two cetaceans in a few weeks

It is the second cetacean to go up the Seine in a few weeks: in May, an orca was revealed in the Seine, before dying there.


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