“The animal must have suffered a lot…”

Last Saturday, an orca was stranded twice on the beach of Cadzand, in the North Sea, just on the other side of the border with the Netherlands. The firefighters had kept the marine mammal wet until the arrival of the “SOS Dauphin” foundation, which had tried everything to save the animal, in vain.

“After a short agony, she fell asleep on the beach,” explained “SOS Dauphin”. It was a young adult female, 5.5 meters long. This Friday, we know more about the causes of the killer whale’s death.

According to specialists from the University of Utrecht, quoted by the Nieuwsblad, the killer whale was at least 20 years old and suffered from several infections, especially in the gums. According to biologist Lonneke IJsseldijk, the killer whale was very thin because she had not been able to eat well during her last days of life: “All her teeth were loose and rotting. The animal must have suffered enormously while eating”.

Problems were also noticed with the orca’s heart, brain and genitals. “She was seriously ill and very weak.”

Plastic residues were also found in its stomach, but not enough to cause the death of the marine mammal.



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