The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world, is one of the most expensive.

Buying a dog without pedigree costs between 100 and 400 €, but purebred dogs are worth much more. Here are the most expensive.

It’s decided, you’re going to adopt a dog. Beyond current expenses, for food, toys, sometimes the vet, grooming, you also have to count the price of buying the dog. Admittedly, it is sometimes relatively low – especially when the buyer goes through a safe haven – but it can sometimes be extremely expensive. Here are the most spent dog runs.

dwarf spitz

The dwarf Spitz.

The smallest dogs are also among the most expensive. Thus, the dwarf Spitz (also called “Loulou de Poméranie”) can cost up to €3,600, with an average price established around €3,000. However, it is possible to find them at more affordable prices.

This dog from Germany is very playful and appreciated by families. His long hair and leonine mane make him a very atypical dog.


The chihuahua.

Well known for their miniature size, the Chihuahua costs an average of $2,500. It is possible to find more or less expensive specimens, depending on the pedigree of their lineage or the farms that sell them.

This dog is originally from Mexico and recognized today as the smallest dog in the world. He can have both short and long hair. Most Chihuahuas have a strong character, despite their three kilos all wet.

German mastiff

The Great Dane.

A calm and elegant dog, the Great Dane is one of the most expensive breeds to adopt. Its price is estimated to be the same as that of the Chihuahua: around €2,500.

Families appreciate the Great Dane for its placidity and sociability with children. A cousin of the Neapolitan Mastiff, it was already used for hunting. Its large size makes it an imposing animal.


The bulldog.

A small ball of nerves with a wrinkled head, the English bulldog costs more than its cousin the French bulldog. Its price, in fact, is generally set at around €2,100, even if it is sometimes higher for the most beautiful lines.

It comes from Great Britain, where it was used to fight bulls (hence its name, bull-dog). This dog is known to be loyal and affectionate. He can run fast but has low stamina.

Pharaoh’s Hound

Pharaoh’s dog.

Originally from Malta, the Pharaoh’s dog has a very slender and slender physique. He has a short, fine and shiny coat that oscillates between red and brown. His highly developed sense of smell and hearing make him an excellent hunting dog.

On the price side, it is necessary to count between 1,700 and 2,200€ for an adoption, a price which places it among the most expensive dogs in the world.

Out of category: the Tibetan Mastiff and the Canadian Eskimo

The Tibetan Mastiff.

Often cited as the “most expensive dog in the world”, the Tibetan Mastiff (or Tibetan Mastiff) is nevertheless valued at €1,500 in France. Which is already expensive. However, the Chinese are crazy about this giant dog, which has similarities to the lion and has a reddish coat (red is associated with luck in China). For which it can be particularly expensive in Asia. A specimen was sold for 1.4 million euros to a wealthy property developer.

As for thecanadian eskimo (or qimmiq), this is a very old canine breed that appeared more than 4,000 years ago in North America. It almost disappeared in the 1970s, with only 200 examples surviving. This ran its value, which reached €5,000.

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