the 17th edition of the Pyrenees Dogs Festival is in full swing – LOURDES-ACTU

The traditional Festival of the dogs of the Pyrenees is in full swing in Argelès-gazost. An appointment created 21 years ago and whose attractiveness is undeniable.

The Thermal Park welcomed more than 300 dogs. Patous of immaculate whiteness, labrits (shepherds of the Pyrenees with a clean face, with long hair), mastiffs of the Pyrenees (white like the Patous but with some brown or black spots which are found a lot in the Catalan country of the French and Spanish Pyrenees) , the emblematic races of our mountains were honored with international competitions in particular.

“Special Agility” tests, “dog to herd” tests, as well as CSAU (certificate of sociability and aptitude for use) and parades to designate the best subject of each race…

Throughout these 2 days, visitors were also able to enjoy a gourmet and craft market. Indeed, at the same time, it is the Pyrenean culture that has been honored with Bigourdane specialties, Pyrenean dances, old and traditional games, old trades.

The children were able to have their makeup done and take part in a circus workshop.

Convivial lunches with music prepared by the Confrérie de la garbure.

Presence of volunteers from October Rose, Rotary, and the association of guide dogs for the blind.

Exhibitions and a book and craft fair organized by the Seven Valleys Study Society

The Town Hall presented the progress of its atlas of municipal biodiversity and the sponsorship for the planting of trees in the spa park.

There is also a Gavarnie Valleys stand presenting the tourist side and an exhibition of posters of the 17 Dog Festivals.

Note that Saturday at 5:30 p.m., a parade of these magnificent dogs took place in the city center. Here too the Fête des Chiens has “its aficionados” and we could see above the Pyrenean shop, on a balcony, a Patou dog made of cardboard more real than life!

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