Texas: Video of Navy plane crash caused by bird

The crash dates from September 19, 2021 but the video was recently released by the US military. We see a bird hitting a plane in mid-flight during a training exercise.

The collision took place in Lake Worth, Texas. During the crash, three houses were damaged, including a simplified one, but the accident did not cause any victims, reveals Fox 4 News Dallas. The jet, a T-45C Goshawk, was on a training exercise and was scheduled to land at the Fort Worth base, just outside Dallas. On board a student pilot and an instructor.

The video first shows several birds flying past the plane without touching it. Then a bird collides with the device. The pilot immediately reported the incident but tried all the same to reach the landing strip, 2 miles away (approximately 3.7 km). Before giving up, the two soldiers ejected from the plane before the crash. One was found not far from the crash, the other ended up hanging from a power line.

One of the families lost their home and still lives in the hotel today.

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