Test your knowledge of summer legislative news

Two laws passed during the summer contain measures that concern you. Do you think you are up to date on their content? Take the test!

To limit the effects of inflation, which should reach 5.5% this year, an arsenal of measures has been taken in favor of purchasing power, within the framework of 2 laws adopted during the summer:

  • the law on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power;
  • the amending finance law for 2022.

A certain number of these measures concern the world of work. Do you know them? If you have any doubts, you can always download our summary file for free:

Then, provide your knowledge of the various social measures contained in these laws by answering our quiz of 15 questions relating in particular to:

  • the value-sharing bonus;
  • the social and tax system for overtime;
  • the monetization of RTT days;
  • the profit-sharing plan;
  • early release of employee savings;
  • meal vouchers;
  • personal transportation costs;
  • the placement in partial activity of employees vulnerable to Covid-19.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will discover your score, a personalized correction with the answers to the various questions, as well as additional information in order to perfect your knowledge of the laws published this summer.

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To find out the details of the social measures integrated into these laws, you can consult our dedicated articles (“Law on purchasing power: measures that may interest you” and “Amending Finance Law 2022: it is published”).

To find out all about labor law, we recommend our “Tissot social enterprise ACTIV” documentation, which includes numerous Lumio interactive procedures to provide you with personalized support in your.

Law n° 2022-1158 of August 16, 2022 on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power, Official Journal of 17
Amending finance law n° 2022-1157 of August 16, 2022 for 2022, Official Journal of 17

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