Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover

Terrier dogs: 4 breeds to discover

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Intelligent and energetic, terriers are particularly popular, especially for hunting but also with the family. But how does this category of dogs stand out? What are the most famous breeds?

Jovial and players, the terrier dogs are good companion dogs. From the Jack Russell terrier to the American Staffordshire Terrier, there are dozens of dogs that meet this designation.

What is a terrier?

The origins of terrier dogs go back to antiquity. As their name may suggest, they have a common ability to track pests down to their dens.

If we notice physical specificities for each breed, terriers generally have a short hair, as well as a well-drawn silhouette, sometimes athletic. Terrier dogs are small in size and most often have a short queue.

jack russel terrier

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A veritable ball of energy, the jack russel terrier is a tireless animal, always quick to have fun, walk or run. This terrier dog weighs between 5 and 10 kg, for a height at the withers that does not exceed 35 cm.

It has some resemblances to the fox terrier, in particular its long body or its stocky silhouette. Like his cousin, he was previously employed for hunting. The Jack Russell terrier is also a quick-witted and alert animal, which enjoys intellectual activities as much as the practice of a physical sport.

bull terrier

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Unlike other terriers, the bull terrier is a medium to large sized animal. It can weigh between 20 and 40 kg, for a height at the withers of between 35 and 50 cm. This breed is distinguished by an atypical face, with a long head and a flat skull. With a protective temperament, he likes social contact with other pets.

scottish terrier

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Of British origin, as its name suggests, the scottish terrier has a stocky, long body. It rarely exceeds 28 cm at the withers, for a weight of around ten kilos. Like some of its fellow dogs, this terrier has an elongated head.

If he is small, his body is compact and muscular. Although each animal remains unique, the Scottish terrier’s temperament is generally balanced. He can be independent as well as protective, calm or energetic for daily physical activities.

boston terrier

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the boston terrier bears some resemblance to the French bulldog. This terrier differs however by a higher size, as well as a curved, slightly upward line of the back.

This proud-looking animal generally has a docile and sociable character. He enjoys playing with children as much as the presence of other four-legged friends. Unfailingly faithful, he remains very attached to the members of his household. He can therefore be dependent and frequently seek their attention.


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