tensions around ticket sales, the boss of Algeria Ferries sacked

The boss of the Algeria Ferries company was sacked on Thursday by the Algerian president. In question, the malfunctions during the sale of tickets.

The boss of the public maritime transport company, Algérie Ferries, was sacked on Thursday by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, after the discontent of users in France because of malfunctions in the sale of tickets.

By decision of the Algerian President, “the Minister of Transport today put an end to the functions of the CEO of the National Passenger Maritime Transport Company, Kamel Issad, and of the station manager in Algiers, Kamal Idalia”, indicated the Algerian presidency in a press release.

She justified these decisions by “their behavior which undermines the image of Algeria and the interests of citizens”.

A weekly liaison

Since the opening of ticket reservations, dozens of people camp daily in front of the Algeria Ferries agency in Paris, to go to Algeria this summer. The Algerian company provides a weekly ferry connection between Marseille and Algiers.

The same scenario repeated itself in several towns in France, where a very large Algerian community lives.

Flights taken over

the lifting of travel restrictions between Algeria and from France, put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of people of Algerian origin started looking for a ticket to come and spend their holidays or visit their families. In vain.

On social networks, many Internet users have complained about the operation of the Algeria Ferries reservation platform and the inability to buy tickets for a crossing during the summer, ensuring that all services are complete until the month of September.

Moreover, even if plane tickets between France and Algeria are among the most expensive in the Maghreb, flights are taken by storm in the summer period.

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