Monkey pox: WHO warns of the situation in Europe, where the number of cases has tripled in two weeks

In just two weeks, the number of monkeypox cases has tripled in Europe. What arouse the concern of the World Health Organization (WHO), which called on Friday for a “urgent action” against the disease on the continent. In a statement, the regional director of the health organization called on European countries to “increase their efforts … Read more

Seine-Maritime: a month after the killer whale, a new cetacean seen in the Seine estuary

Unlike the killer whale that died in the Seine last May after wandering for 15 days, the animal that “moves slowly but with powerful movements, appears to be in good physical condition”. However, an animal observation and monitoring system piloted by the GECC has been set up. The Sea Shepherd association could also be mobilized … Read more

Armand Duplantis beats the best outdoor performance in history with 6.16m in Stockholm

It’s not a world record strictly speaking, but Armand Duplant signed the highest jump ever recorded outdoors, Thursday evening in front of his audience in Stockholm. In the authentic stadium of the Swedish capital, in front of a packed turn, Duplantis improved the best world performance in history with 6.16m. A centimeter better than his … Read more

A known disorder, but little known: what you (perhaps) do not know about myopia

IF it is also hereditary – a child with a myopic parent is twice as likely to be so; with two myopic parents, this risk is roughly speaking multiplied by six -, myopia is also and above all linked to lifestyles. Among city dwellers, the risk of being nearsighted is greatest. Indeed, for this disorder … Read more

3×3 basketball: first world title for Les Bleues

A few minutes before the coronation of their compatriots, the Blues also finished the tournament with a smile. Beaten by Lithuania in overtime earlier in the day (17-18, ap), they pulled themselves together to get a bronze medal against Belgium and their public (18-17, ap). A performance all the more remarkable as coach Karim Souchu’s … Read more

Basketball 3×3: Les Bleues in the final of the World Cup

France will not leave empty-handed from the 3×3 Basketball World Cup in Antwerp (Belgium). Led by Laëtitia Guapo, Les Bleues snatched their place in the final, synonymous with a medal, by dominating China on Sunday afternoon (17-16). A victory with the taste of revenge: in August 2021, the Chinese had deprived the French of an … Read more

Covid-19: “We are probably at the end of the epidemic”, according to epidemiologist Yves Buisson

Faced with the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in France, how to react? If the government plans to impose the health pass at the borders this summer, the key measures of the period of health crisis, such as the state of emergency or the vaccination pass, should not reappear. On the side of the specialists, … Read more

Guilhem Guirado (Montpellier): “Not far from the apotheosis”

Guilhem Guirado, Montpellier hooker, 2022 French champion: “We did 10-15 minutes of madness and we showed some pseudo-specialists that we knew how to play rugby. We scored three tries in 10 minutes, I don’t even know if it happened in the final in the Top 14. We showed that we could be consistent. The leaders … Read more

Baby died in a crèche in Lyon: the employee admits having made him ingest a caustic product

The Lyon public prosecutor’s office specifies today, to our editorial staff, that an employee of the crèche admitted to the investigators to be at the origin of the child’s discomfort which subsequently led to his death. “She admitted having sprayed and then made the eleven-month-old baby ingest a caustic product, exasperated by her tears. was … Read more

SNCF: a new single (and cheaper) fare for traveling with your pet

The new tariff offer, of which Capital echoes, concerns the TGV Inoui, the Intercités trains and the TER. For Ouigo trains, an “animal” option is also offered when booking, regardless of weight, at a single rate of 10 euros (compared to 15 euros previously). Guide dogs, of course, are not concerned, as they do not … Read more