Encourage national pharmaceutical companies to produce “orphan” drugs | Health

Illustration photo: VNA Hanoi (VNA) – The Government Office held a regular press conference on October 29, providing information on the socio-economic situation in October and the first 10 months as well as issues of concern to the public and the press. At the press conference, Deputy Minister of Health Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Huong … Read more

Laboratories deny any risk of paracetamol shortage

Will France really run out of Doliprane? On Wednesday, the National Medicines Safety Agency published a recommendation advising pharmacies to limit the delivery of paracetamol due to supply difficulties. Doctors have also been asked not to prescribe any more, unless there is an immediate need. This Friday, the main French laboratories wanted to be reassuring, … Read more

Doliprane, Efferalgan… patients called upon to limit their consumption of paracetamol this winter

To pharmacists, the public agency asks in particular to limit the exemption “two boxes per patient” in the absence of a prescription, to give preference to prescription dispensing and to limit online sales. The ANSM then urges doctors to avoid prescribing paracetamol to patients who do not have an immediate need for it. It also … Read more

patients will have to limit their consumption of paracetamol

In a press release, the ANSM invites doctors and pharmacists to limit the dispensing of paracetamol, due to supply tensions. With the approach of winter and its colds, and in the midst of an epidemic wave of Covid-19, patients will have to tighten their belts in terms of consumption of Doliprane or Efferalgan. In a … Read more

in Lebanon, the shortage of medicines represents a risk for patients

Published on : 10/19/2022 – 13:55 Due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, pharmacies are desperately short of medicines. A situation that makes the daily life of people with breast cancer, like Fadia, 29, even more difficult. The young woman fears a worsening of her illness. Report by our correspondent Joëlle Maroun. The deep economic … Read more

what Sanofi’s “vaccine” could change

It is one of the most dreaded diseases of parents of young children. Each year, bronchiolitis affects 30% of babies under 2 years old in France, according to the Ministry of Health. Most often due to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), this respiratory infection of the small bronchi, very contagious, is benign most of the … Read more

syrups containing pholcodine may no longer be authorized in France

Marketing authorizations for cough syrups containing pholcodine could be suspended in France in the face of a “significant risk» allergy during anaesthesia. Marketing authorizations for cough syrups containing pholcodine could be suspended in France in the face of a “significant risk“Serious allergy to muscle relaxants during anesthesia, announced Monday, August 29 the National Agency for … Read more

A study on the causes of depression sparks controversy

AFP, published on Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 1:46 p.m. The interest of antidepressants would be called into question because depression is not linked to a chemical imbalance. The thesis, recently defended by a British psychiatrist, is widely disputed but this controversy has the interest of illustrating the difficulties in understanding this disease. “Our study … Read more

Drug shortages: increased penalties for manufacturers

The Medicines Agency (ANSM) is once again tightening the screw to avoid any shortage. She announced thate “the amount of the applicable penalties” to manufacturers regarding drug shortages “has been increased”, in a press release published on Monday, August 8. This measure will take effect on October 1. Thus, French pharmaceutical companies will incur heavier … Read more

The study that shatters explanations of the causes of depression. And shake the pharmaceutical industry

A neurologist observes the results of an examination of one of his patients. ©© Fred TANNEAU / AFP Major study As a major study published in the UK challenges the thesis that depression is caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain, many embarrassing questions are emerging about the wisdom of mass prescriptions of … Read more