Designation: plant products could no longer bear the name of foods of animal origin

A true substitute for meat, vegetable protein products will undergo a change from October 1, 2022. Indeed, foods that do not contain meat could no longer be called “steak” or “sausage”. On October 1, foods made from vegetable proteins will no longer be able to use the designation “sausage”, “bacon” or even “steak”. A name … Read more

why the country changed its name because of an animal

in early June 2022, at the United Nations, Turkey also calls itself in all languages ​​”Türkiye” instead of “Turkey”, the English word for the country. If the government made this request, it is not out of coquetry or misplaced nationalism but simply because “Turkey” has too negative a connotation for the country. If you have … Read more

Foster families still awaited for 69 dogs from the Noah’s Ark shelter

You are mobilized massively for dogs and cats to welcome. To date, 46 dogs have been reserved by associations and shelters. 17 have already been released and are reviving in their FA (foster family). The procedures are long and the dogs come out slowly…. We called on all the associations and shelters: SPA du Nord, … Read more

neighbor who shot cats sentenced to suspended prison sentence

A resident of Reyrieux in Ain was given a six-month suspended prison sentence on Tuesday for shooting cats in his neighborhood with a pellet gun. The man was arrested last January by the gendarmerie of Trévoux. In two years, a dozen cats had been victims of rifle shots and three of them had died. Judged … Read more

[Nintendo Direct] Disney Dreamlight Valley, when Animal Crossing meets Kindgom Hearts…

For this Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, Disney was also there with the announcement of Disney Dreamlight Valley, whose early access release is scheduled for September 6 on Switch. New After announcing the karting game Disney Speedstorm during the last “classic” Nintendo Direct, Disney is present again in June with the announcement of Disney Dreamlight … Read more

Tattoo removal, an increasingly practiced medical procedure

It is estimated today that 20% of French people are tattooed, this proportion is even higher among young people: a quarter of 35-49 year olds and a third of 25-34 year olds have a tattoo. Dermatologists have estimated that regrets also increase. So to meet this growing demand, a first salon 100% dedicated to tattoo … Read more

Workers save two puppies stuck in a storm drain

The two adorable little balls of fur would not have survived without the patience and determination of these workers working on the construction site of the UFR de Terre Sainte in Saint-Pierre. For a few days, they had been hearing the two puppies moaning well but without being able to locate them precisely. Yesterday, Hugo, … Read more

RTL GUEST – Departure of the Minister of Health: “We need a pilot on the plane”, claims a doctor

Are we witnessing a new wave of Covid-19? While they had faded for several weeks, coronavirus contaminations were multiplying in France, with more than 50,000 positive cases per day, up nearly 50% over one week. Djillali Annane, head of the intensive care unit at Garches hospital, warns of the hospital’s ability to withstand a new … Read more

Boris Johnson makes brief stint in hospital for sinus surgery

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a short visit to a London hospital on Monday, June 20, where he suffered a “very light routine surgery related to his sinuses“, indicated his services. Read alsoVote of no confidence: Boris Johnson’s real fake victory “He arrived at the hospital around 6 a.m. and the operation took place.“Said … Read more

The Raid arrests an ex-soldier entrenched at his home in Cahors

Raid police officers arrested Sunday, June 19, without causing injuries, a 45-year-old former soldier who had remained holed up at his home in Cahors for five hours, we informed the prosecution. Read alsoSpain: a soldier suspended for having his unit blessed in front of the former mausoleum of Franco Her company had told the police … Read more