Education: “settling” of results in French in CE1 and 6th, “very likely” because of the Covid

At each start of the school year since 2017, the National Education draws up an inventory of the level of the pupils: it has the skills of the classes of CP, CE1 and 6th in mathematics and French. Last year, the results showed that the delays observed in these two materials after the first confinement … Read more

psychiatrist and ex-MP Martine Wonner suspended for one year by the Order of Physicians

The former parliamentarian had opposed the health pass and had promoted ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine on her Twitter account. Martine Wonner, psychiatrist and former deputy for Bas-Rhin, was suspended for one year on Friday by the disciplinary chamber of the Council of the Order of Physicians of the Grand Est, in Nancy, after two complaints concerning … Read more

Was Karine Lacombe found “guilty of defamation” towards Didier Raoult but released “for good faith”? – Liberation

The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase The former boss of the Marseille IHU claimed (wrongly) that the infectious disease specialist had been “found guilty” but “relaxed”. Guilty and relaxed? This Tuesday, November 22, the infectiologist Karine Lacombe was released by the Marseille criminal court, while she was sued for defamation by the former director of the … Read more

The BQ1.1 variant is resistant to all available therapeutic antibodies

The BQ1.1 variant is gradually invading France, but it is resistant to all available therapeutic antibodies! Scientists are concerned about the care of people at risk or immunocompromised. The BQ1.1 subvariant, of the lineage OmicronOmicron, is growing in Europe and the United States. In France, it represents 32% of tests for screeningscreening positive according to … Read more

In China, unprecedented revolt of “iPhone workers” against anti-Covid health rigor

Employees of Apple-operated Foxconn in Zhengzhou clash with police over changes to their working conditions on Wednesday. EyePress News/EYEPRESS via Reuters Connect STORY – The giant Foxconn factory with 200,000 employees, an Apple subcontractor, experienced riot scenes. #Foxconn Riots: The hashtag circulating on Chinese social media appears to have been censored. But anger and protests … Read more

Does a Lancet study show that some vaccinated people are more vulnerable to Covid than non-vaccinated people? – Liberation

Question asked on November 21, 2022. The FranceSoir site, relay of the most eccentric theses on the Covid since the start of the epidemic, published on November 18 a very relayed text whose seriousness you are asking us about. The title claims: “Anti-Covid-19 vaccine: a study of Lancet shows the immune erosion of vaccinated people … Read more

This gene would naturally make resistant to Covid-19

About the genes that allowed severe forms of the disease, what will we learn from the oldest person to have survived Covid-19 in Brazil? Brazilian scientists have identified a gene whose variant would make people who carry it resistant to the dangers of Covid-19. Some people have still not been infected with Covid-19. Luck, drastic … Read more

Covid-19: new rebound of the epidemic

According to the government, the recall campaign is not advancing at a sufficient pace. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP After a lull since the beginning of October, positive cases such as hospitalizations are distributed upwards in France. Will this pandemic ever end? The question may seem legitimate as long as the waves of Covid-19 have followed one another … Read more

No return to “normal” after the Covid and the war in Ukraine, says the EBRD

Massive influx of refugees, economies turned upside down: the world will not resume its courseLike nothing ever happenedafter the pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) warned on Tuesday. Such a conjunction of events, which would already have been difficult for governments or companies to … Read more