Suspected of cheating, Hans Niemann files a complaint against his accusers

The Carlsen-Niemann affair this time takes a legal turn. The American, accused of being a cheat by the five-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen as well as by, the most important platform in the world, decided to reply. The 19-year-old has filed a complaint against his accusers for “defamation” and “collusion” and is asking them each for $100 million in damages. His complaint also concerns the American player Hikaru Nakamura who had taken up Carlsen’s allegations on his very influential stream, as well as Daniel Rensch, one of the leaders of

On September 5, during the Sinquefield Cup, played in Saint-Louis (Missouri), Carlsen, after being beaten by Niemann, withdrew from the tournament with a bang and half-wordly accused his opponent of cheating, without providing formal evidence. A few days later, the platform published a 72-page report showing that Niemann had cheated in more than 100 games played online on his site. The American had only admitted to having cheated twice, at the age of 12 and 16, but never during physical games.

For his lawyers, the charges against Niemann have ” nipped in the bud his remarkable career and ruined his life “. The lawyers have ruled that the Norwegian world champion and acted in concert even though the platform led to a procedure to buy out PlayMagnus, Carlsen’s company, for 83 million dollars.


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