SURVEY FRANCE 2. Documents underline the proximity of Russia to Philippe Olivier, senior executive of the RN and brother-in-law of Marine Le Pen

What does the National Rally with Russia play? During the last campaign for the presidential election, in the spring of 2022, Marine Le Pen was regularly criticized for her ambiguous position vis-à-vis Moscow. But the former party candidate is not the only one in her party to be accused of having a close relationship with Russian authorities. In a subject to be broadcast Thursday, October 27 on France 2, the magazine “Complément d’Enquête” reveals that Philippe Olivier, one of the highest executives of the RN and brother-in-law of Marine Le Pen, maintains links with the Russia.

Marie-Caroline Le Pen’s husband notably visited Crimea in July 2020. “I am told that Crimea is an occupied country… What do I do? I am going there. I am going to see. And I see a country that is not occupied at allhe declares to the magazine of France 2. There are fewer police officers, fewer soldiers in the Crimea than there are in Paris. The population is perfectly Russian, completely Russian.” And to argue: “There was a referendum and I believe in referendums.” Except that these referendums, conducted in 2014, had been judged “illegal” by France, the European Union and the United States.

“Complément d’Enquête” has received disturbing documents from Dossier Center, a foundation presented by the European Parliament as a “investigative project that aims to uncover the criminal activities of various people associated with the Kremlin”. The documents transmitted mention a confidential project, baptized “AltIntern”, directed by the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeïev, who militates for a nationalist and Christian Europe. Its goal: to set up an alliance of European far-rights. In these documents, the name of Philippe Olivier is mentioned twice. His rise within the party is mentioned. “Florian Philippot, openly homosexual adviser, has been replaced by the more traditional Philippe Olivier, husband of Marine Le Pen’s sister, who participates in our alliance”is it particularly written in a note.

Philippe Olivier and Konstantin Malofeev met in July 2018, as evidenced by an e-mail consulted by “Complement of the investigation”. In the email written to a certain Mikhail, the MEP thanks the oligarch for his hospitality as he returns from Moscow, where he attended the FIFA World Cup final with his wife.

“My dear Mikhail, I wanted to tell you how much Caro and I were honored and touched by your welcome and your kindness”writes Philippe Olivier. “The wonderful encounters that we have been able to make thanks to you will be of decisive use for the next European elections. We will now work on our side to give them all the developments that the cause needs”, he adds. He asks the recipient to forward to Konstantin “the testimony of [leur] gratitude for these moments that were so friendly, so useful and, in the case of a World Cup final that France won, unforgettable.”. And to conclude with this formula: “Very faithfully.”

In a note on the “AltIntern” project, written in 2021, taking stock of the establishment of the alliance, delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is written that the values ​​to be promoted are “Christendom as the foundation of life” and marriage presented as “the union of a man and a woman”. But the priority of the alliance is “a systematic work of opposition against the policy of sanctions of Brussels, while maintaining a very high level of confidentiality due to the increasingly strong opposition of the security services against Russian influence”.

Contacted by “Complément d’Enquête”, Philippe Olivier claims not to have read this note and not to be informed of the political role that Konstantin Malofeïev wants him to play. “I don’t care, actually. I’m not interestedhe answers. It was a private trip, at the invitation of a French friend, and we met a number of people, including this person [Konstantin Malofeïev]. Dot crossed out. That’s it that’s all”sweeps the MEP. “You speak to me of the association [l’alliance]I don’t even know what it is.”

“I do not adhere to any project of this order. I did not sign anything, I did not see anything, I did nothing political.”

Philippe Olivier, RN MEP

to “Further investigation”

If Philippe Olivier denies any involvement in the “AltIntern” project, Dossier Center thinks that the alliance is still relevant. “We think they continue to look for allies inside Europe because with all these sanctions and the war in Ukraine, they need support from within the party of defined people in Europe and in France”advances the foundation to “Complément d’Enquête”.

Find the complete survey on the influence of Russia in French politics in the program “Complément d’Enquête” on France 2, Thursday, October 27.

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