surprising shot: The photograph of this animal terrifies as much as it fascinates


surprising clichéThe photograph of this animal terrifies as much as it fascinates

Shortlisted as part of Nikon’s Small World Photo competition, a spectacular image looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie.

© Nikon Small World/Eugenijus Kavaliauska

Nikon’s Small World photomicrography competition shows images of the infinitely small. This terrifying shot is one of the 57 photographs selected this year. It is the work of the Lithuanian Eugenijus Kavaliauskas who, before turning to insects, photographed birds, according to its website.

Neither a new creature from a fantasy series nor out of a horror movie, this photograph is actually a close-up of an ant’s head. She did not leave social networks indifferent, arousing many reactions.

According to screenwriter James Gunn, who took to Twitter, people were shocked by an ant’s horrifying face “mostly because the antennae look like eyes. The full face of the ant (right) isn’t nearly as horror movie-worthy (at least I don’t think so).”

The First place in the 2022 edition of the competition went to an image of the front paw of an embryo of a giant day gecko from Madagascar, prized by Grigorii Timin of the University of Geneva, supervised by Dr Michel Milinkovitch. A 63x optical zoom was used, making bones, tendons and skin visible, with nerves appearing in cyan.

© Nikon Small World/Grigorii Timin & Michel Milinkovitch

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