Surprised by a grizzly after a hunting trip, two American students fight with the animal

Brady Lowry explained that he ran to call for help, then finding himself on his way two comrades with whom they had spent part of the day. A little later, they finally spotted Kendell Cummings “limping in the mountain, drenched in blood”. Reunited, they then headed somehow towards the trail, before being accompanied by local farmers and supported by relief.

Lowry’s father, giving reassuring news from him, showed that the group had been very lucky. The “Four college wrestlers who were hunting under cover were faced with a tragic event that only happens to one in 2.1 million people”he throws. “Even with bear spray, it all happened so fast…” The father of the family motivated the bravery shown by the young teammates, one of whom did not hesitate to throw himself on the bear to try to keep him away from his friend. This story is from “miracle”he assures.


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