Summer 2022: higher tourist numbers than in 2019

The attendance of Americans and British, the two main international clientele of hotels, progressed and reached its level of summer 2019. Dutch, them Germans and the belgians are the main foreign clients of campsites; back in the summer of 2021, they are even more present in 2022. On the other hand, British customers have only returned to 72% of their 2019 level in campsites.

The other clienteles are almost all recipes in 2022, including those from non-European countries (Americas, Near and Middle East, etc.). Nevertheless, Russian, Japanese and above all Chinese customers are still lacking; hotel attendance at each of them is equivalent to 15% to 20% of its summer 2019 level. These three clienteles represented 1% of foreign hotel attendance during the summer of 2022, compared to 7% in 2019.

In 2022, foreign visitors spent 7% more only in the summer of 2019, due to two opposing developments:

  • the rise in prices affecting hotels (+13%), restaurants (+8%) and all tourist expenditure (travel tickets, miscellaneous purchases, etc.);
  • the decline in the volume of spending by foreigners, particularly the Chinese, Japanese and Russians. The accrued expenses of travelers from Europe and the United States do not compensate for this drop.

In July 2022, turnover increases by 14% in accommodation and catering compared to July 2019.

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