Sully, the police dog with an exceptional sense of smell

The one-year-old dog is trained by the Rennes canine investigation group. Every day, he exercises to follow the trail of missing persons, a runaway, a lost person or a hit-and-run person …. His training will be completed in 2023. Chef Marion is his dog handler. The exercises can take place anywhere, in a train station, a city center….”, underlines the policeman member of the cynophile investigation group of Rennes. That day, training took place in a housing estate in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, near Rennes.

Chef Marion is the master of Sully, he lives with his family ©Radio France
Lisa Morrisseau

Constable Vallet embodies a pseudo-victim. He put a T-shirt in a closed bag at the foot of a bench. He hid, 400 meters further, behind a wall of a house. The dog from his T-shirt will follow his trail to find him, says Chef Marion. Once his T-shirt is found, Sully sets off in pursuit. In less than five minutes, he finds him.

His ultra-developed sense of smell allows him to find a victim very quickly – Constable Marion.

Once the exercise is successful, Sully is rewarded. He has the right to sausages. ” I congratulate him, I play with him. If I don’t play along, next time the dog won’t be motivated to find another victim.“, says Constable Vallet.

The dog rests after having managed to find a pseudo-victim
The dog rests after having managed to find a pseudo-victim ©Radio France
Lisa Morrisseau

300 million olfactory cells

The gendarmerie selected this breed for his olfactory abilities.A traditional dog has 200 million olfactory cells. The Saint-Hubert has 300 million” says Constable Marion “In comparison, the man has only five million. If we enter a house where a dish has been prepared, we will smell a smell, but we will not be able to hide it and look for one. other. The dogs themselves manage to do it.”

The only one in Brittany

The Saint-Hubert intervenes in second level, before him a traditional dog, German shepherd or Malinois, one already tried to find a person. If he has not arrived, the gendarmerie then calls on Sully. The gendarmerie in one per region approximately. Sully is therefore unique in Brittany.

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