Storm Fiona, pension reform, Izioum… The five facts to remember from the weekend

Storm Fiona in Guadeloupe: one dead, the state of natural disaster recognized

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Sunday that the state of natural disaster would be recognized in ” end of next week “ in Guadeloupe where storm Fiona increased major flooding and killed one person. Vigilance is now at yellow level

Sudden flooding of a river claimed one victim. A 54-year-old man who died “carried away with his house” by the waves, in the night from Friday to Saturday, announced, Saturday, the prefecture of Guadeloupe. “The flooding of the Rivière des Pères washed away a dwelling in Basse-Terre and its occupant”had specified the prefect on Saturday. According to the prefecture, 445 gendarmes and 62 police officers were deployed as well as 250 firefighters. The emergency services have handled 1,011 calls and carried out 151 interventions since the arrival of storm Fiona.

A man in a street in the town of Capesterre-Belle-Eau after the passage of storm Fiona, Guadeloupe, September 17, 2022.
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The pension reform agitates in the ranks of the opposition, but also within the majority

Emmanuel Macron plans to reform pensions this fall, through the Social Security financing bill. This hypothesis agitates the majority, with a divided Renaissance group and discreetly reluctant allies, but also the opposition.

Pillar of the majority, the boss of the MoDem, François Bayrou, warned on Saturday against a “forced passage on pensions” who would be the “contrary to the spirit of the CNR”, which he presides. For his part, the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, declared on Sunday that the union “will oppose by all means” to a pension reform which would go through an amendment to the Social Security Financing Bill, including leaving the discussion table of the National Council for Refoundation.

During her back-to-school speech, former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Sunday that the National Rally would vote against the 2023 budget and against the pension reform prepared by the government of Elisabeth Borne. . “We will oppose pension reform which is unfair and divisive”she declared in her back-to-school speech at Cap d’Agde (Hérault).

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Deputy Adrien Quatennens “retired” from his position as coordinator of La France insoumise

Adrien Quatennens, at the Palais des Congrès Sud Rhône-Alpes, in Valence, on August 27, 2022.

The number two of La France insoumise (LFI), Adrien Quatennens, announced on Sunday that he would withdraw from his function as coordinator of the movement, after the revelation, on Tuesday, in The chained Duck of the filing of a ” handrail “ by his wife. In a press release posted on Twitter, the deputy from the North who says he stands “naturally” at the disposal of justice evokes ” disputes “ with his wife, acknowledging that he “gave a slap” and say have “deeply regret this gesture”. “Adrien decides to take it all on himself. I salute his dignity and his courage. I tell him my confidence and my affection. », a reacted the leader LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A reaction that aroused strong criticism on the left.

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Ukraine: in Izioum, the investigation continues into the 450 bodies found

An exhumed body lies in an improvised cemetery in the city of Izioum on September 17, 2022.

In Ukraine, investigators carried out their field work to identify the hundreds of bodies discovered in Izium, some of which, according to the governor of Kharkiv oblast, had their hands tied behind their backs and one, a rope around by the neck.

In this city in eastern Ukraine where several hundred graves were discovered after the withdrawal of Russian troops, The world to collect the story of Vitaliy, undertaker, who took care of the burials at the Shakespeare cemetery. According to him, all the dead would be civilians, with rare exceptions.

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On the ground, the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army in the east of the country, since the beginning of September, has highlighted the decisive role of authorized military equipment. In the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine, several local officials, who chose to work with the Russian occupation authorities, were assassinated.

Criticism and controversy on the eve of the Queen’s state funeral

From left to right, Princess Beatrice of York, Prince Harry, Prince William and Princess Eugenie of York will huddle around the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday, September 17.

As heads of state from around the world arrived in London on Sunday for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, presumably the next day, and Britons continue to pay their respects, criticism is mounting in the UK on the magnitude of the event. These focus on the impact of a crippling period of national mourning for a country that faces considerable challenges, beginning with soaring energy prices and looming curtailment.

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And also :

Justice. Mathias Pogba indicted along with four other suspects.

Kyrgyzstan. At least thirty-six dead in clashes with Tajikistan.

Iran. The death of a young woman arrested by the morality police arouses protests.

earthquake in taiwan. One person killed according to an initial report.

Europride in Belgrade. Thousands of LGBTQ+ activists march despite the ban.

European Heritage Days. An edition marked by the “sustainable heritage”.

Cycling Worlds. The French Federation accused of sexism towards its runners.

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