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Frankly guys, I think most of the discrepancies that appear here are illusions, mirages… humans like to play with words and god, sometimes I think the dogs are lucky to be spared.
All the contention seems to me to rest simply on the term “behavioral disorder”.
Me, that one moderates his dog which tends to put the chin on the back of congeners, or which tends to want to chase the cats, the postman, or whatever, I call that education. (You said it yourself Martau, so why get carried away… we’re talking about structuring the dog here, not treating a “behavioral disorder”, the argument of the people you’re answering to is right there. )
What if it was just a matter of vocabulary?
Most of the instincts that we come to manage/structure in dogs are perfectly normal. Normal but embarrassing (even dangerous) in certain situations, hence this famous invention of canine education, which was once called training.
The dog running a piaf is in itself a perfectly well-constituted canine ^^
We prefer that he does not cross the road if he wants. So we teach him codes, so that what we taught him replaces what bothers us.
The decline of the term “dressage” is still relatively recent.
Today, maybe the job is being teased. “Certainly not, my good sir, we don’t train! On EDUCATE!”
Yeah… I’ll tell you, who cares. lol
On closer inspection, don’t we say that we prepare our dish in restaurants. Let’s think about the term dressage, it’s about structuring, period. Whether you mount your dog in mousse, ravioli or soup, you do with its basic ingredients.
Maybe finally, the word “dressage” was less confusing. At least, that indicated that we had come to place a structure on a base. It was simpler, somewhere more humble.
While today, with our words all more pompous than each other, we get lost. And vla that in a jiffy, out becomes “behavioral disorder”.
Let’s come back down to earth. He is no longer a domestic dog on this planet who was no longer “troubled” by centuries of human selection. Will have to deal with it.
A pointing dog is going to stop, a herd dog is going to herd… and if we hate so much what took centuries to make, let’s do without it.
But if we start wanting to “normalize” everyone on the same scale, we are in trouble.


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