Sports: stadiums hit by a shortage of labor after two years of pandemic



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The Ligue 1 football championship resumes on the evening of Friday August 5. On this occasion, the 19/20 is interested in security guards. They are called stadiums, and their mission is to welcome the public and avoid overflows. But recruiting agents is becoming more complicated.

Fans flocked by the thousands to the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis) last June, for a football match between Croatia and France. 78,000 football fans were expected, and 2,000 stadiums were present to ensure their safety. “We are there to regulate people, welcome them, guide them, prevent any deviation at the stadium level”, explains Jessy Robitaille, steward. The stadium business is facing an unprecedented labor shortage.

For Jessy Robitaille, the lack of staff is not a surprise: “You have to know that we work day, night also, weekends, public holidays, during vacations. Today, the security guard is paid just a little more than the Smic, so it’s a profession, unfortunately, which for me is not paid at its fair value.” A crisis of vocations which arrives after two years of pandemic, with a stoppage of competitions, gauges in the stadiums. In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, work has indeed almost disappeared for stadiums often paid by the day. Many had to leave the profession, and never returned. As the Paris Olympics approach in 2024, the stakes are therefore high.

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