Spain: Will the West Nile virus make a comeback this summer? Catalonia under surveillance…

Experts are calling for serious precautions to be taken against this virus which can prove fatal.

Recent high temperatures suggest a particularly large amount of mosquitoes this summer. But beyond the discomfort created, it is the transmission of west nile virus which worries the experts.

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This virus, transmitted by mosquitoes can affect the human being neurologically and even lead to his death. Particularly present in Spainit could be active all around the Mediterranean Basin.

L’estiu passat a Catalunya es van detectar mosquits amb febre del Occidental Nile a Riudoms i un cavall positiu al Montsià. Aquest any, ja s’ha activat el protocol de vigilància a l’Alt Camp, el Baix Camp i el Segrià

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Catalonia on alert

After the death of a woman linked to the Nile virus last summer, Spain remains vigilant. The Catalonia has chosen to implement its monitoring protocol.

Last year several mosquitoes were identified as West Nile virus positivewhich suggests that several people could be contaminated this summer.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus

In most cases, infection with west nile virus looks like a summer flu : fever, body aches, migraine,… 1% cases, the virus can cause the dead of the patient.

And in France ?

If in France, the health authorities not taking the same precautions does not mean that the virus is not present.

A Catalan researcher explained that the “virus moves between Italy, the France and Spain”.

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Experts therefore advise people to protect a maximum of mosquitoes, through repellents or of covering clothes.

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