Spain: peeing in the sea can cost up to 750 euros in fines in Vigo

Pee under close surveillance. Who has never indulged in taking a pee in the water, a few meters from the beach? A common practice and which is however now prohibited in the city of Vigo, located on the coast of Galicia, which decided, a few days ago, to verbalize the act of urinating, on the sand or even in the sea, as we learn the Spanish radio Cadena SER.

According to the municipality in place, this practice, which is however very common and may seem very innocuous especially when it is done in water, is a nuisance that contravenes the most elementary rules of hygiene, as well as a lack of savoir-vivre. So much so that the town hall of Vigo has therefore decided to punish beachgoers with too pressing a fine of up to 750 euros.

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Surprising but not totally inconsistent, since the municipality undertakes in return for this new provision to multiply the number of public toilets near the beach, in addition to those already present in this seaside resort located not far from the northern border of Portugal . A few years earlier, and much in the south of Spain, in the region of Murcia, the municipality of San Pedro del Pinatar had implemented a similar ban on its coast. Again, the fine could be up to 750 euros.

This famous ordinance, which will therefore toughen the municipal regulations for the regulation of the city’s beaches, also provides for penalties for the use of soap on the beach or in the showers placed in the vicinity. Fines will also be in place for anything related to waste left on site or the use of barbecues.

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Nuisances all the same much more easily identifiable than the fact of peeing in the sea. Because the text of the town hall of Vigo does not specify how the police will be able to identify the unscrupulous who will continue to urinate in the water …

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