South Ardèche: the return of cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria are present all year round in our rivers, but it is their degradation in the stagnant waters of river backwaters that becomes problematic: thanks to stagnant and warm waters, cyanobacteria release toxins that can be fatal. Cyanobacteria are deposited in the form of a bio-film on stones or dead wood on the banks of rivers. these bio-films detach and can form clumps: it is these clumps that are the most dangerous. Regularly but very rarely, dogs die from having ingested these toxins. No cases have been reported this year in southern Ardèche.

Very rare accidents

It is quite rare for dogs to succumb after ingesting these cyanobacteria, but there are cases. Veterinarians are quite poor to treat the animal after ingestion. The dog can be seized with tremors, salivate excessively, be seized with convulsions, ease and vomit.

You must keep your dog on a leash, make him drink only in running water or bring him to drink so that he does not go to quench his thirst in stagnant water.

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