SNCF inflates prices for some travelers with an animal

“I was so happy when I heard the news, but my mood changed when I had to buy my ticket…” Chrystel is used to taking the train with her little Cavalier King Charles. For her dog’s ticket, she normally spent seven euros, the price traditionally applicable by the SNCF for animals weighing less than six kilos transported in a container. For the others, the price rose: 50% of the full price of a second class ticket, calculated on the basis of the mileage scale.

So on June 23, when the railway company announced that it was launching a single price of seven euros to travel with its pet, whatever its size, Chrystel is prospering for other travelers, especially since nothing will change for her. Error: when she books her train to go to her daughter, the application displays the price of 21 euros for her four-legged animal. “I didn’t understand, so I immediately called the SNCF thinking there was a mistake”, remembers the user.


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The operator explains the reason for this increase: because of the two connections on her route, she takes three different trains, and a different ticket is required for each of them. Hence the multiplication by three of the applicable tariff. “Before, no matter how many connections, I only paid for one ticket. I don’t understand”, hammers Chrystel. On Twitter, other travelers wonder: “I have just booked my tickets for the holidays and I see that for the transport of my animal, I have to pay a ticket for each connecting train. […] Is this normal?” Another Internet user with two cats explains that he saw the price of his tickets go from 28 to 56 euros.

Contacted by Capital, the SNCF confirms the change in the rules in this area: “Due to the dematerialization of animal transport tickets, we are forced to associate each animal ticket with a specific train”. The railway company recognizes that the measure can increase the bill for certain customers, while invoking a “consideration to the standardization of tariffs”. And to sweep away any economic reason: “If we compare to what we lost by lowering the price for the biggest dogs, the accounts do not balance out”, confides the SNCF. For her part, Chrystel is formal: “From now on, I am careful and try to limit correspondence”.

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