Sixth suspect denies plagiarizing charges, Mendy seen shirtless and drunk in club

Benjamin Mendy’s rape trial continued on Tuesday in Chester court in England. British justice continued the hearing of the sixth alleged victim with a dense cross-examination led by the defense of the French footballer.

Interrupted twice the day before, after seeing the young woman burst into tears, the cross-examination of the sixth affected in the trial of Benjamin Mendy continued this Tuesday at the Chester court. On the program, a new day intense in emotion and verbal contests between the representatives of the different parties around an accusation linked to a potential rape dated July 2021.

Questioned by Eleanor Laws, the lawyer for the Manchester City defender, the alleged victim was even accompanied by a person “independent of the case” in the witness box so that he could feel more comfortable expressing himself. in front of the jurors.

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The happy young woman at Mendy’s “with her friends”

Among the big stumbling blocks between the prosecution and the defense, the evenings shared between Benjamin Mendy and the sixth mentioned after the alleged rape. As of Monday, the young woman admitted to having returned to the home of the 2018 world champion to party there. After the broadcast of a video of her at a party, the potential victim assured to have had a good time “when she came there with her friends”.

Seen having a good time in Benjamin Mendy’s mansion after having been sexually abused there according to her accusations, the heard also indicated that she wanted to “try to block out of her mind” the incident in order to “the to forget”.

Mendy shirtless and “drunk” in a nightclub

After the also alleged rape, the young woman attended a party at a Manchester club with Benjamin Mendy in August 2021. A video of this evening was shown in court and the French footballer appears there shirtless dancing on a table.

“Everyone was laughing” at the City player, who appeared to be drunk. Some people were trying to “help” him, including the complaint, who was “perfectly comfortable” in his company. “Probably because he was about to fall off the table.”

The suspect accused of having copied her accusations

Beyond consensual sexual relations with Benjamin Mendy, the first argument put forward by the player’s lawyer during this cross-examination, the sixth suspect was also accused of having plagiarized the conditions of her alleged rape on another woman.

Eleanor Laws proposed that the suspect had “copied” the allegation made by her friend that she woke up to find Benjamin Mendy “on top of her”. The suspect denies the facts: “she did not tell me what happened to her in detail”.

Relaunched on a sometimes a little fuzzy chronology, the sound has shifted: “To be honest these dates confuse me, I don’t know. […] I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t telling the truth. It’s not pleasant for me to sit there and listen to all this.” Clearly, impossible according to her, to have been able to invent the story of her own rape by drawing inspiration from that of another supposed victim. .

“I am not someone who drinks a lot”

Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer then asked the interviewee if she had consented intercourse with her client in July 2021. The latter denied the facts.

“I do not agree to wake up with someone on me when I did not agree to have sex with him,” replied the young woman. When the defense lawyer insisted on the festive character of the young woman, she retorted: “I don’t drink that much […] I’m not a heavy drinker.”

The questioned explains why she did not file a complaint immediately

Again questioned by Timothy Cray, prosecutor in charge of the case, the sixth suspect once again burst into tears when recounting her alleged rape. When asked why she only reported her sexual assault after a first arrest of Benjamin Mendy, and especially why she had returned to the French, the young woman explained “that she was the only one no one” to have experienced this.

But eventually she came to her senses and thought “it was the right thing to do”. She took the opportunity to say that she had never been alone with the footballer again after the alleged incident during parties at his home.

The testimony of the mother of the alleged victim

After the sixth grader’s cross-examination was over, those present in the courtroom heard the audio recording of her mother’s testimony. The mother of the alleged victim thus recounted how her daughter arrived at her home the day after the potential rape.

According to her account, the young woman arrived around lunchtime and lay down to sleep on the sofa after telling him that she had been invited to a pool party at Benjamin Mendy’s. The suspect’s mother then said she was “horrified” after learning that the 28-year-old left-back had been charged with rape.

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