“Should I Adopt a Retired Pet?” »

Adopting a pet should be carefully considered. Several elements must be considered, especially in retirement. (Picture: Courtesy)

Your schedule has been largely freed up since your retirement and you plan to invite a new companion into your home? Read on to see whether or not you should adopt a pet.

Health impacts

Owning a pet has many benefits. These include decreasing stress and anxiety, reducing feelings of loneliness, and increasing self-esteem and general well-being. Having a dog, for example, also helps to raise your level of socialization and your practice of physical activity during your walks and visits to the park, among other things, which has a significant impact on your health.

Things to consider

Whatever animal appeals to you, it’s important to think long-term. This involves considering his life expectancy, but also your plans. Consider, in particular, when you plan to sell your property to move into a residence as well as your desire to travel. Try to determine who will be able to take care of your companion during your absences.

Finally, select a buddy who responds to your degree of autonomy. If you are opting to adopt a dog, for example, and you are not very active, it is probably better not to choose a vigorous young animal whose energy and strength could cause you to lose your balance. ! If your mobility is reduced, a cat, a rodent or a fish make interesting companions.

Want to give an abandoned animal a second chance? Visit a shelter in your area!

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