Shortage of doctors and medical deserts, the situation is considered “danger

It is becoming more and more difficult to get an appointment with a doctor in New Caledonia. Is there a shortage of doctors in private and public health services? How to explain this situation ?

Shortage of doctors and medical deserts ! It is a reality in France that is making headlines at the moment. Emergency services are closed and there are no more GPs in small towns. The phenomenon also affects New Caledonia.

At CHT Gaston-Bourret, there is currently no longer a gastroenterologist and there is no longer a pulmonologist either. The public hospital also lacks specialists in oncology, ophthalmology and ENT.

This shortage does not only penalize the public service. In the private sector, specialists are also lacking. There are no private stomatologists in New Caledonia. As in many overseas territories, as you move away from urban areas, doctors are increasingly rare. Of the 847 doctors working on the Caillou, all specialties combined, 88% practiced in the southern province.

For years, the number of medical students was blocked, resulting in a shortage. This numerus closus is now over, but in this national context of very high demand for health professionals, encouraging doctors to come and work in New Caledonia is increasingly difficult.

In the public sector, at the hospital, the working conditions, the hospital guards and the salaries are much less attractive than in the private sector, where there is no guard duty. The North Province and the Loyalty Islands do not attract those who have families either. However, some medical specialties have positions to offer as a liberal, but no candidate applies.

Physicians who wish to go on leave to recruit replacements.

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This is also true for those who want to go on vacation. Many doctors no longer find replacements who agree to come to the Caillou. The health situation in New Caledonia is considered dangerous, even if no one agrees to say so in front of the camera.

Find, below, the synthesis of Thierry Rigoureau:


Dr Huon, cardiologist, was the guest of the JT this June 17, with Loreleï Aubry :

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