she’s hiding in a totally unlikely place

On returning home, her dog is nowhere to be found

Since moving in with her forever family, Jolene has lived the perfect life.

that she was adopted by Claudia Petrullo and her husband, Jolene is the happiest of dogs. Aged around 13, the dog was adopted from the PupStarz shelter in Brooklyn, New York.

Particularly thin and tired, Jolene really needed a fresh start and immediately found her place in her new home where she enjoys a new life, very cozy and full of love.

Where is Jolene?

Usually Jolene rushes at her humans as soon as they walk through the door, but a few days ago she was nowhere to be found. Worried, her human decided to look for her, and she then discovered her dog trapped in a particularly original place.

Jolene was actually under a holey blanket. But when she wished to get up to join her humans, she found herself stuck in the holes in the blanket, unable to break free.

To prevent this from happening again, Jolene’s humans have decided to offer her a new blanket, without a hole. Thus, it will be warm, but without the risk of getting stuck in it!

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