She’s doing the rounds on social networks: the frightening photograph of an insect magnified five times under a microscope

Lithuanian artist Eugenijus Kavaliauskas unveils his latest photo. But what is this insect?

A few days before Halloween, the snapshot by photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas, published on his Instagram account, is having an effect on social networks. But what is this insect that we encounter every day? The photo was actually featured at the last “Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography” (the competition exists since 1975) with 91 other “beasts” photographed under the microscope. This one was magnified 5 times to arrive at this terrifying portrait of an… ant (camponotus).

But this photo, as frightening and surprising as it is, did not win the prize which went to Grigorii Timin and Michel Milinkovitch, of the University of Geneva, for their photo of a leg of the embryo of a Madagascar giant gecko.

?The winners of the Nikon Small World photomicrography competition for 2022 have been announced

– The Telegraph (@Telegraph) October 23, 2022

Notice to amateurs, registrations are open for the 2023 edition. You have until April 30, 2023 to send your photo. The winner wins approximately €3,000.

Grigorii Timin (@GrigoriyTimin) and Dr. Michel Milinkovitch won first place in the 2022 Nikon Small World photomicrography competition for their photograph of not just any hand, but an embryonic hand of a giant Madagascar gecko.

— LX News (@NBCLX) October 20, 2022

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