Sheep attacked by stray dogs in Combressol (Corrèze)

“It was a carnage, a scene of horror. There were viscera everywhere. A sheep that I had raised on a bottle was missing a leg.”

An intense emotion peaked in the voice of Christiane Chauquet at the mention of the attack suffered on the night of Friday 16 to Saturday 17 September by her flock of sheep which she raises for pleasure and eco-grazing with her companion Jacques Calvy, at a place called Bonnessagne, in the town of Combressol.

runaway dogs

It was the latter in the morning who discovered the animals, eight ewes and a sheep, in a sad state. Four had been killed, had their throats slit, and five seriously injured. Initially, the owner of a vintage had a wolf attack before seeing two dogs, a staff cross and a border cross, in the pen where the sheep were parked.

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The two dogs, who had been reported as runaways since Thursday evening by their owner residing in a neighboring town, had managed to jump over the barrier of the enclosure before attacking the sheep. In view of the aggressiveness of one of the two dogs, a volunteer from the animal protection association of Egletons was called in to capture them. Nearly an hour was needed to get the better of the two animals.


As for the injured ewes, they were euthanized by a veterinarian. On the spot, the gendarmerie services carried out observations. A complaint must be filed soon by the two owners of the animals killed.

“It’s very sad to see our animals go for rendering. I don’t know how two dogs can do such horrible things. They could have attacked children,” admitted Christiane Chauquet.

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