She welcomes a little kitten into her home who turns into a huge ball of fur!

When Marisa decided to adopt the young Chiquito, she did not expect her new friend to become a big tomcat with a sumptuous coat. Its evolution into a surprise more than one, and even doubt as to its origin…

She called her first Joanthinking it was female, then backtracked and renamed it chiquito. Maria has welcomed under its roof a small feline which is in its garden, in the company of the rest of its siblings, reports the LM Neuquen.

The ball of fur she had just chosen had not finished surprising her…

chiquito was very small when he arrived, and he understood in the hand of his mistress, like most kittens of his age. The resident of San Antonio WestFr Argentinewill however witness an astonishing transformation of his beloved feline, which will greatly exceed the average weight of other cats, between 4 and 5 kilos.

He weighed 9 pounds!

Constant that his tomcat was growing at high speed, Maria took a picture of him in his son’s arms. It is clear that we were not dealing with just any feline!

The affectionate cat with a voracious appetite weighed nearly 9 kilos, twice as heavy as most of its congeners. But where does this astonishing physique come from?

Maria wanted to unravel the mystery, in particular by looking for the race from which his chiquito. She has not, for the moment, been able to put her finger on the information she wants.

What particularly questions him is the appearance of the mother cat of chiquito. This one has one of the most common sizes. It is therefore the dad cat who probably has the physique of a giant. Unfortunately, he is nowhere to be found…

The reasons for the appearance of chiquito are still full of secrets. Fortunately, this does not prevent Maria to enjoy many moments of tenderness with her beloved giant, as she likes to illustrate on Facebook.

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