“She was hot, she drank”: a deer bathes in a swimming pool in the Dordogne

“I don’t really mind that she came to bathe. It is better that she go bathing rather than die of drought”, says Mattéo, 14, shyly. Friday, August 5 in the afternoon, he saw two deer through the window of his bathroom in Marsac-sur-L’Isle in the Dordogne. A few minutes later, one of them, a female, a jumped into the pool. He immortalized the scene in a video his mom posted on TikTok.

“She drank”

The young boy is used to seeing deer passing through his garden, the forest is just above. But he had never seen such a thing. Friday, it was more than 30 degrees in Marsac. “She must have stayed between 5 and 10 minutes. She bathed her paws but not much more. She was hot, she drank”he testifies. “There is drought and it was the only water point because in the forest there is not much water”, he adds. After cooling off a bit, the animal went back into the woods. Her video has more than 20,000 views in one morning.

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