She steals her neighbor’s dog and throws it out the window when the police arrive

A small dog paid the price for a neighborhood dispute on Tuesday morning in Saint-Gaudens, in the south of Haute-Garonne. Around 8:30 a.m., the police received a call from a man calling them for a very particular theft: his yorkshire was stolen by his neighbor.

Upon their arrival on the spot, the police went to the door of the apartment of this 54-year-old woman. When they ask her to open, she throws the dog out the window. It lands on the ground, a few meters below.

After parliamentary, she ends up opening the door to the police, who challenge her and take her to the police station where she is placed in police custody.

The little dog was taken to the nearest veterinary clinic, his life is not in danger. As for its owner, he filed a complaint against the 50-year-old who showed cruelty to her pet.

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