Seven puppies found in a box next to the garbage cans in Bains

A whole litter of puppies, Border collie crosses, was discovered in a box at the foot of a garbage container near a housing estate in Bains. The small mammals were assigned to the Polignac SPA, which had to find an emergency solution to take care of them.

One month old puppies

The discovery was made by a couple living in Cordes, in the town of Bains. They saw the siblings of canines near a housing estate in the same town. They designated the litter to the volunteers of the humane society (SPA) in Polignac.

The ages of the puppies have been revealed at around one month. “They are not weaned”, specifies Phylicia Mars, employee of the association. When they arrived, they shared a bowl of rehydrated croquettes to avoid any digestive risk.
The SPA then went in search of foster families available to take care of these little beings who require a lot of attention, particularly in times of high heat.

The couple behind the rescue volunteered to care for a female. The situation of his five sisters and his brother has affected several families who have also volunteered to provide care for the young puppies. By Wednesday evening, the entire litter had found a temporary home to welcome him for the next month.
It will be necessary to wait until they are over the age of two months before they can be offered for adoption definitively.

Until then, the SPA could file a complaint against X in order to find the person responsible for this wild abandonment which could have cost the life of the whole litter.

Celine Demars


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