Serie A: How much would the dismissal of Massimiano Allegri cost to Juve?

It’s a crisis that seems endless for the Old Lady. Beaten by Benfica (1-2) on Wednesday in the Champions League, Juve lost again on Sunday against promoted Monza (1-0), who had never won a single match in Serie A. Without play, without identity and without results, already relegated to 7 points from the leader and still with a zero point in C1, the Bianconeri are in freefall. Pointed out, Massimiliano Allegri, however, remains in office, currently supported by his managing director Maurizio Arrivabene, who described as “madness“dismissed son possible.

The author of a joke that could say a lot last week, the latter is especially aware that the possible dismissal of “Max” Allegri would cost his club a fortune. As recalled by the Calcio e Finanza site, the technician signed a contract until 2025 on his return last year with, at the end of the day, a net salary of 7 million euros, or 12.95 million gross.


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Allegri is no longer “untouchable”

Taking into account the three months paid for the current season and the remaining years, Juve should therefore sign their coach a check for 36 million euros in the event of an early departure, unless an amicable agreement is reached in upstream. Not really crumbs for a club that has become much more careful about its finances, and therefore its expenses.

According The Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri’s position became more fragile after the defeat at Monza. “He is not yet mentioned, but he is no longer untouchable“, announces the Italian daily, which cites the name of Paolo Montero, currently at the head of the Primavera, as a possible successor.

Max Allegri

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