Serie A – His legacy, Zidane, the new generation: the newly retired Franck Ribéry gives himself up

Franck Ribéry is also a compendium of emotions that are sometimes difficult to temper or conceal. “Yesterday I saw the commemorative video of my career and I criedhe confides in today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport. I have my own sensitivity, a heart. I knew this day would come, but it’s bad. Everything happened so fast. Too. And it hurts me.”


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I wasn’t the best, but I was different

“Kaiser Franck” split the armor and delivered himself as rarely in the columns of the daily transalpine. If he especially retains the solid ties consolidated with his partners at Bayern, the Boulonnais does not forget the coach of his debut at Metz, Jean Fernandez. “I was 21 and he treated me like a son“During the interview, the twirling winger reviewed a career leading him notably from the banks of the Bosphorus to the suburbs steeped in the history of Florence. Marseille?”A city with an incredible passion for football“. At Bayern, the legendary number 7 enjoyed “the people there who are respectful, polite, and live their lives without looking at the lives of others.”

Before discussing his legacy, the 3rd for the 2013 Ballon d’Or praised his inspiration, Zinedine Zidane, “strongest player“which he played with, according to his words.”I had the chance to play the 2006 World Cup with him, he details. Even if we lost the final, it remains an unforgettable experience.“Unforgettable, like the singular style of the Northerner with the ball at his feet.”I leave so much to football in my opinionhe dares. My style of play, my mentality. I come from the streets, and maybe today there are not many who like me have the dribbling, the flickering, the whimsical sideI think that’s what people will take away from me. I can’t say I was the best, but I was definitely different.”

In the top five players in the world? Yes

A different player who does not find himself in a new generation fed on social networks and easy fame. “Today for young people it’s sometimes too easy: more money circulates, and with the money we buy a nice car and morehe regrets. And that sometimes makes you lose a sense of proportion. I would like to say to them: Oh, my friend, do you know where I was when I was 19? In the street, in the third division, where there was no money, no cars, nothing. Zero. But I worked, I made sacrifices, and even when I won so many trophies that brought me so much money, I continued to be hungry. But some values ​​are not transmitted: they are in you, or they are not.

What place for Ribéry in the history of French football?

Frank, Ribéry applies to being on a daily basis with his partners. “When I wanted to talk, I always did, he recalls. And always for the good of the group, because I am not selfish. When I see happy people, I’m happy.” However, the ego, the newly retired (39 years old) does not lack it. “If I was one of the five best players in the world? well yes.” Limpid, honest, like an atypical career that did not prevent her from being crowned with success.


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