SCPC: association at the service of dogs and their masters

The Sport canin Pyrénées Catalanes (SCPC) association was created in 1996. It is affiliated to the Société centrale canine and distributed by Annick Soriano. The club has its own 2 hectare site for its needs located on chemin de Bages, in Bages.

Annick Soriano specifies that “friendliness is essential and is in no way incompatible with the seriousness of the work”.

The club offers basic education courses for dogs whose masters satisfy that they obtain a perfect integration into the city.

The club also has a puppy school with a gentle and natural method.

Finally, several disciplines are practiced in competition.

It is a question of approaching the IGP, a sporting discipline practiced all over the world. It aims to develop the natural capacities of the dog which are the sense of smell, sociability, fighting spirit.

Then, obedience, of British origin, is a discipline managed by the International Cynological Federation. Its objective is to enable any dog ​​owner to better communicate with him through simple exercises carried out naturally in everyday life, but which the dog must perform on command, with joy and without constraint. This discipline reveals the complicity of the dog with his master and highlights his natural qualities.

Finally, FH tracking. The dog uses half of its brain for its sense of smell. The volume of its olfactory lobe is 10 times greater than ours and has 220 million olfactory cells compared to 5 million in humans. Tracking competitions participate in the selection of these olfactory qualities but also of the dog’s balance and learning capacities.

Education classes take place on Saturday from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The competition teams train during the week and on Sunday mornings.

Contact: 06 07 98 51 78.

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