Saving money with your pet, theme of the 5th episode of “La Touche Animale”

Having a pet necessarily involves expenses. These are increasingly difficult to manage in the current context of inflation. From food to health, including accessories and care, the costs weigh heavily on the family budget. With a minimum of organization and a few tricks, it is possible to reduce the bill related to our dogs, cats and other companions.

This is the theme proposed by Yoann Latouche and his guest in the 5e show number” The Animal Touch “. It was broadcast yesterday Tuesday, September 20 on the application Raw..

Is it possible to save money with your animals? How to achieve it? Questions that the veterinarian and TV presenter Helen Gateau (@helenegateauoff) an answer in exchange with the animal expert.

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How to have a lower food and health bill?

The veterinarian obviously mentioned the food component, the first expense item for any animal owner. Food prices were strongly impacted by inflation, given the increase in the cost of raw materials and energy.

As far as junk food is concerned, the trick is to go for large formats. Large packets of kibble generally cost less than small quantities, provided the animal consumes them within 4 months. As for the masters who preferred to give their companions homemade meals, it would be best to stock up on early vegetables and favor “zero waste” crates.

On the health side, it was recalled that veterinarians are not spared from economic difficulties, their work tools and consumables having also experienced price increases. Subscribe to mutual insurance, such as those offered by HealthVet, are one of the best ways to control the animal’s health budget. A step towards which French owners still seem hesitant, whereas in Scandinavian countries and in the United Kingdom in particular, the majority of pets are insured.

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Focus on quality and mutual support

Another source of expenditure, accessories for dogs and cats can also be the subject of significant savings. This includes, for example, making your pet’s toys yourself or maintaining purchased ones properly, in order to increase their durability. We can thus cite the example of tutorials for washing toys offered by the team ofEmie A. at the house of Croquetteland.

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Other solutions: second-hand platforms, such as the animal section of Vintedor My pet corner which is specifically dedicated to them at 100%.

The general advice to apply in terms of accessories is to bet on quality. By turning to well-designed and robust products, you make a long-term investment for real savings over time. Bandit Paris, Cat’n Dogster or the marketplace OobaOoba are excellent addresses in this regard.

Many owners also have to put their hands in their pockets to keep their animals. Here again, it is possible to reduce the costs thanks to shared custody between friends or by integrating the community ofBorrow My Doggie.

The next issue of “La Touche Animale” will be broadcast live on the Brut app. Tuesday, September 27 at 7 p.m. The replay will be available on Woopets.


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