Sarthe. Nathalie educates or re-educates your cat or dog and sometimes more

Nathalie with Hathor proposes an intervention entitled Dame et chien de Compagnie. ©DR.

State diploma, Nathalie Lacote is educator and reductive of and cats. She keep also these animals at their owners. She is also lady and dog of company. Meet hunky-dory !

Introduce yourself in a few words

Nathalie Lacote, 47, from Le Mans. I have been living in Grez for two and a half years. I left the city for the countryside. There is no photo between the two. The area here is beautiful. We are truly spoiled. And for my job, it’s great.

Exactly, what is your job?

I am a state-certified canine and feline trainer and rehabilitator. As far as dogs are concerned, my interventions can begin as soon as they are adopted. I give advice to welcome, for example, the puppy or the dog coming from a shelter or from the SPA. I help people choose the breed of dog that suits them.

What are you basing this on?

On the master or mistress, the dog and the environment. An example: a Husky is a dog that needs to exercise a lot. I will not recommend it to people who do not like to move.

How’s it going for rehabilitation?

It is from 6 months that begins the rehabilitation of dogs who have behavior problems that are not easy to manage by the owners.

An example ?

The dog may be excessively barking. It can also degrade the interior of the house ranging from the tapestry to the bed through the beautiful sofa. Cleanliness is also an issue. Normally, an adult dog can hold back for 8 hours, which is a working day for his master. Another case: aggressive dogs towards their congeners or humans, especially children. It all stems from a socialization problem.

What to do to avoid this?

It is necessary to accustom the dog from an early age to meet different animals, different humans, women, men, young people, people with hats and people without, etc. .

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What is the difference between you and a classic educator or re-educator?

Me, I go to people’s homes to see the environment, the layout and I work from a questionnaire in order to make a behavioral assessment. To do this, it takes about two hours of talks with the owners. I define their environment and that of their dog. I give to those who are going to adopt, the first advice for welcoming a dog in good conditions. I leave them a fairly general booklet. And after the interview, I send them a personalized letter.

The price of all this?

The price of the whole intervention is 80 euros.

Is the rehabilitation part more delicate?

The questionnaire is very complete. It takes 3 or even 4 hours with the owners. I give them a booklet on learning and communication tips. After the interview, I make the guide for their dog. So they know what to do and what not to do. In addition, I give them 12 exercises to do with their dog.

The cost of this work?

It is a fixed price of 149 euros. And if the owners need more lessons, no problem, I am at their disposal. I also offer half-day prevention training for children to learn how to behave with their dog, taking into account the notion of danger. A dog is not a toy. If rushed, it can be dangerous. We must not forget that it is an animal that does not appreciate being surprised. This intervention on raising awareness of the dog’s approach is done face-to-face in groups. Participation is 120 euros. I also offer face-to-face, more comprehensive one-day training for adults (250 euros). The goal is to detect the behavior of the dangerous dog. My method for all of my interventions is less expensive than a traditional method. I can also intervene in schools and leisure centers.

Other services?

I offer animal sitters in people’s homes. I travel during the day to make one or two visits. I feed the cat or the dog. As for the dog, we go for a walk together. Of course, you have to meet him before in the presence of his masters. It is an essential approach. These visits can take place over several days. Thus, the owners can go on vacation without worry.

Your intervention champion?

I operate within a 25 km radius.

Other chose to report?

I offer a service called “Lady and companion dog”. There are people who cannot have a dog for various reasons. I can go to their place with my dog, Hathor. We can go for a walk together, chat and play games with Hathor to exercise memory. It’s a good way to fight isolation with all the cuddly side of the animal. Obviously, I am sensitive to the human side. Many people find themselves on their own and only see the postman. I will be happy to meet them.

How much does it cost ?

15 euros per hour. I believe that the essential is not there.

Nathalie Lacote at your service in Sillé-le-Guillaume and within a radius of 20 km. Telephone: 06 23 57 11 49. email: onnaitpasbê[email protected] You can also find it on Facebook Instagram and on YouTube: We are not born stupid

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