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Kimberley Serre and Chronos welcome you to The Free Dog Club. ©Small Mail

Since the beginning of September 2022, Kimberley Tightqualified canine educator welcomes dog owners to the Free dog cluban education center and alone dog park in Sarthe. It is based at a place called La promenade in Sarcé (Sarthe).

A unique leisure park in Sarthe

Composed of a 3,000 m amusement park2 completely fenced, in order to guarantee the safety of the dogs, the Free Dog Club also has an education park dedicated to individual and/or group education lessons for all breeds.

“Before entering the leisure park, I give the dog a socialization test. This allows me to know and assess its ability to stay free with other dogs and humans in the park,” says Kimberley Serre.

Once the test has been passed, the dog can access the park where there are ball pools, sand pits, bottle racks, water points to cool off, a agility course and an multitude of toys to romp.

My goal is to let dogs regain their freedom of expression. In everyday life, their needs and desires are often repressed in favor of our constraints and our schedules. Here they can give free rein to their desires.

From SPA to dog training

Former veterinary assistantKimberly Serre retired from her career in horses.

This was followed by a first experience with dogs and small animals as a versatile animal agent at the SPA before joining the ranks of veterinary clinics where she was able to put her knowledge into practice and develop her care skills.

Then she decided to train inDog Academy.

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» After my work at the SPA where we were confronted with many abandonments linked to animal behavior concerns, I wanted to become a dog trainer to help masters understand their dogs and decipher the signals they give us. send. ”

After her training, Kimberley Serre worked in a dog club.

Various subscriptions and services

“We offer two types of subscriptions for the leisure park: 6 months or 12 months allowing unlimited access during the opening periods. In the long term, the objective is also to open up specific niches dedicated, for example, to small dogs or even older dogs. It is also possible to privatize the park for events such as a canine birthday”.

The Free Dog Club also offers half-day childcare.

Evaluation offered

The club also offers recreational tracking courses to train your dog’s scent.

On the other hand, the club offers dog training courses.

We will report a discovery assessment that lasts between 30 and 40 minutes for each new dog. The objective is to get to know the dogs and the masters, to discuss their history and the problems they encounter in order to create an educational contract adapted to the needs of the animal.

A sales serviceequipment and accessories related to the dog is available on site.

The Free Dog Club, La Promenade, route du Lude in Sarcé. Information and appointments on 06 58 26 84 77 or at [email protected] or on thefreedog or on social networks: The Free Dog Club.

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