Sarge, the shelter’s oldest dog, has finally found adopters thanks to a video revealing his sad daily life in the box

Older shelter animals have a harder time finding a new family. Sarge, a dog with a heavy past, has seen potential adopters displayed, without having the right to happiness too. But thanks to a video that went viral on TikTok, the pooch finally got his second chance.

sarge arrived on July 3 at the shelter Orange County Animal Serviceslocated at Orlando in the state of Florida to United States.

The unfortunate 7-year-old was very saddened by his new condition. The volunteers struggled to control his depression. They were therefore very worried for him when they saw that no adopter deigned to give him a look.

It was then that the photographer Albert Harris, who works for the organization, had an idea. He put a camera in the kennel of sarge in order to film his dark daily life.

On the sequence posted Thursday, September 8, 2022 on TikTok, we discover the doggie overwhelmed with a heartbreaking text: “You’re the oldest resident who’s slowly losing hope because you’re ignored and you’re not that desirable dog people want to adopt”.

The clip touched the community and amassed more than 3 million views in a few days.


Imagine being in a kennel with little to no interaction. This is the case of Sarge. Let’s find him a home. #adoptdontshop #animalshelter #shelterdog #dogtok

? original sound – sweetsaudioz

An effective communication plan

Many people were moved by the story of sargeso much so that the latter received adoption requests from all the United States.

sarge was finally welcomed by Christy Same and her husband, both fell under the spell of the touching canine.

“It was supposed to be that way. I’m an animal lover, and about a month ago I discovered this on the shelter’s Facebook page. He immediately provided my attention. He was beautiful and looked sad, but my husband was not ready to adopt again”she explained to NewsWeek.

However, when he saw the video a few days later, he literally cracked up. “I can’t believe no one is watching over this nice guy. He’s still there”he then said to his wife before offering to hold out her hand.


Many of you asked for the Sarge story and here it is. It’s sad for sure. #adoptdontshop #animalshelter #shelterdog @aharrisphoto

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Thus sarge got the future he deserved. He has integrated his new home for his greatest happiness.

“He immediately felt at home. He’s our best friend now.”a relative of the couple. sarge enjoy a happy and full life today.

The volunteers at the shelter are not only relieved, but extremely happy for him.


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