Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines. Train your dog with Adeline

“I wanted to set up my business, focusing on the requests of dog owners: each particular case, it is a question of doing according to the requests”, explains Adeline Koeberlé. Thus was born his self-employed company “Case by case” which bears its name well.

After a second general in Ribeauvillé, the 21-year-old young woman, who has always lived in Saint-Hippolyte, turned to a professional baccalaureate “driving and managing a breeding in the canine and feline sector”, near Reims in Champagne. She stays there in boarding school, returning on weekends to her parents. After three years, and the “training” option baccalaureate in her pocket, she returns with her first dog, Nevy, whom she adopted…

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