Saint Xandre. Herding dogs will compete on August 20 and 21

Saint Xandre. Herding dogs will compete on August 20 and 21

By Ludovic Sarrazin
Published on August 4, 2022 at 12 h 56 min

It’s going to sheep in Saint-Xandre on August 20 and 21 with the inter-breed competition for herding dogs organized in La Sauzaie. 34 pairs will compete for the French Championship.

200 sheep will be in the herding dog competition in Saint Xandre. (© Ludovic Sarrazin)

The town of St. Xander will see its animal population increase with the arrival of some 200 sheep on August 20 and 21 on the occasion of the inter-breed competition for herding dogs organized by the young Association ATA, the Friends of the Herd of Aunis led by Alain Mansicot, retired farmer.

A competition which counts for the French Championship and which will see 34 pairs, master and dog, from 7 different regions compete. In the field, the course will simulate the situations that shepherds are likely to encounter in their daily practice. “Leaving the sheepfold, traveling on the road, passing a motorized vehicle, stopping before an intersection, crossing a ford and finally loading into a livestock truck…”. The whole thing is also to evaluate the behavior of the dog, such as activity, obedience, initiative and shepherding ability.

A competition in favor of Gaia and the Rose Effect associations

Spectators will have the opportunity to refuel on site. All of the profits from the meals served will be reversed to the Gaia associations and thePink Effect.

The tests in 3 levels
3 courses in total on 3 levels.
Level 1 : It is aimed at beginner handlers and dogs who must, on a simple course, demonstrate a minimum of knowledge in herding.
Level 2 : It is aimed at purebred dogs, registered in the Book of Origins (LOF) and having good experience in herding. A Brevet de travail sur Herd is awarded to the competitor after obtaining two “excellents”.
Level 3 : It is only accessible to dogs who have previously obtained their Brevet de travail sur Herds. It is aimed at drivers with perfect knowledge and mastery of herd management.

Herding Dog Competition. Free. Saint-Xandre in La Sauzaie, rue de l’Aumonerie. From 7am.

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